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  • "I tried lots of products like whitening strips and pens but the only thing that really worked were the trays you made for me. Thanks so much!"

- Sylvia D., Boston, MA

  • "My husband and I weren't going to give our dentist $1,300 just to whiten our teeth. We're so glad we found you and my pocketbook is too!"

- Denise B., Athens, GA

  • "There's no need to try anything else. The Zoom gel and your custom trays got me to an A1 shade and now I'm only doing monthly touchups."

- Jon P., Modesto, CA


Which Teeth Whitening Gel is Right for Me?

Bright and White only offers Philips Zoom teeth whitening gel. Philips Zoom is  the best name brand gel available for at-home use and the #1 patient requested professional whitening brand. Philips Zoom contains a proprietary formula called ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Whitening with ACP means stronger teeth, greater comfort and better results. It rebuilds and

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The Top 7 Things That Stain Your Teeth

Every day we eat and drink an array of things that truly do affect the color of our teeth. Some of those things are healthy, others not so much, but let’s be honest and admit that most of us aren’t going to give up certain things like our morning caffeine. Knowing about these foods and

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Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Can you spot the person who doesn’t whiten his teeth with the Bright and White kit? The causes of yellow teeth fall into three broad categories: extrinsic, intrinsic, and situational stains. Extrinsic Stains (stains from outside sources) These types of stains happen on the surface of the tooth’s enamel and are typically caused by what

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